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History: Introduction

Welcome to the Glucksman Library guide supporting the Department of History in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in the University of Limerick


Department of History

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Special Collections contains unique book, archival and manuscript collections. UL students and staff, and external users can consult the collections in the Special Collections reading room. Special Collections is located on Level 2 of the Glucksman Library.

Oral History


Welcome to the History LibGuide page and useful links and information relating to your study of History at UL  This site will give you a look at what the Library has to offer our students and a foundation to a lifelong interest in History.

Take advantage of the wealth of historical material housed both physically in the Glucksman Library and in digital collections across the internet

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Soldiers accompany women with food parcels during the 1916 Rising in Dublin. 

Classification Guide to History Books

300 put in the social histories
900 - 907 Historical Studies, Historiography, Historical Research Methods, Oral History
Classification Guide to History Books
909 - 912 Global History, Geographical History, Cartographies
914 Irish Geography (where are geographical research methods)
915 - 919 Geography, Travel and Exploration by region
920 - 929 Life Histories, Family Histories; Genealogy
930 Archeology, Ancient and Classical Histories
940; 940.2; 940.3; 940.53; 940.55 General Histories of Europe; World War 1; World War 2; Holocaust; Postwar
941 History of the geographical British Isles
941.5; 941.507; 941.508; 941.50821 General Irish History; Eighteenth Century Ireland; Nineteenth Century Ireland; 1916 and including biography
941.508214; 941.60824 Twentieth Century Ireland and Northern Ireland
941.7; 941.725 - 941.8 Contemporary Ireland, including biographies; Histories of Place
942 History of Britain
943; 943.083; 943.108 German History; Third Reich; East Germany - DDR
943.6; 943.8; 943.9 Austria; Poland; Hungary
944; 955.04; 944.08; 944.083 History and historiography of France; French Revolution; Vichy France; Contemporary France, including bipographies
945; 945.51 Italy; Italian Renaissance
946;  946.043; 946.08; 946.7 Spain; Philip of Spain; Spanish Civil War; Caalonia
947; 947.108; 947.084; 947.086 Russia; Russian Revolution; Soviet Russia; Contemporary Russia including Putin
947.5 Chechyna; Georgia
948 History of the Baltic States
949;  949.4; 949.507; 949.6; 949.7 Netherlands; Switzerland; Greece; Balkans; Former Yugoslavia
950; 951; 952; 954 China; Korea; Japan; India; Pakistan
955; 956; 953; 958; Modern Middle East; Israel; Palestine; Lebanon; Syria; Iran; Iraq; Arabia; Jordan; Afghanistan
959 South East Asia, Indonesia; East Timor
961; 962;965; North Africa; Egypt; ethopia; Morocco; algeria
966; 967; 968 West Africa; xyz; South Africa
970; 971; 972; 973 North America; Canada; Latin America; First Nations
979? First Nations
994 australia; New Zealand


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