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School of Allied Health: Useful Resources

Welcome to the LibGuide for the School of Allied Health

This page offers you a selection of links to resources for Allied Health which include the books catalogue, a to z listing for journals and databases, websites and grey literature.

Books for Allied Health can be found on Floor 2 of the new Library Building beginning at shelf mark 610.


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How to find books and other information resources

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A database is a platform for searching across various information resources such as journal articles, conference reports, books, book chapters

Key databases for Allied Health are:

About Journals

A journal is a regular publication which can be published monthly, bimonthly or quarterly.

Journals can be scholarly or popular.

Scholarly journals have articles written by researchers who are considered experts in a field. These journals are also known as "peer-reviewed," "refereed" or "academic" journals.  Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is a scholarly journal.

Popular magazines have articles written by writers or journalists. Time or Newsweek are examples of popular journals.



Websites can be very useful for up to date information and it is important to check if that information is reliable and accurate.

A selection of websites for Allied Health are:

Grey Literature

Grey literature is information which is not formally published in sources such as books or journals.

Conference proceedings and theses are examples.

A selection of useful links for Allied Health are:

Dart-Europe E-theses Portal - open access research output from universities across Europe

Dissertation and Theses - Ireland and United kingdom

Lenus - HSE health research repository

RIAN - National portal research output for the seven universities

ULIR (University of Limerick Institutional Repository) - open access research output of UL faculty and researchers