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History: Citation and Academic Integrity

Welcome to the Glucksman Library guide supporting the Department of History in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in the University of Limerick

History Department Student Handbooks

The History Department compiles annual Undergraduate and Postgraduate Handbooks

The Handbooks introduce the faculty, their courses, modules and programmes and their expectations.  They include detailed citation styles, presentation standards and academic guidelines.  This guidance will enable you to demonstrate academic integrity in your use of sources and research and enable you to learn how to write and produce history.

Writing for History guide

Centre for Teaching and Learning

Irish Historical Studies (IHS) referencing guide

Academic Integrity

The core principles of integrity create a foundation for success in all of life's endeavors. Integrity in academic settings is a fundamental component of success and growth in the classroom. It prepares students for personal and professional challenges as well as providing a blueprint for future fulfillment and success.

A brief guide to IHS Referencing