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This guide, compiled with Professor Raymond J Friel, School of Law, is part of the University's contribution to providing the necessary resources on which to make informed decisions as we as a nation and as a University chart a course through Brexit.
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Brexit and UL

7th February 2018 - Mary Murphy, UL alumnus and President of the Irish Association for Contemporary European Studies, will give a guest lecture in A1055 at 3 pm on Brexit: Implications for the Island of Ireland. Space is limited - contact

19 January 2018 - Paul Maher and Dr Eric Igou, Psychology Department, published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal on Brexit,Trump and the Polarizing Effect of Disillusionment

12-13 January 2018 - Dr Philip O'Regan, Dean, Kemmy Business School, spoke at the inaugural Killarney Economic Conference on the topic 'How Will Businesses Cope with Brexit?'

5 Janurary 2018 - Dr Joachim Fischer, School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics, wrote on RTÉ's Brainstorm about Life after Brexit 

November 2017 - Professor Raymond J Friel of the School of Law spoke at the University's Internationalisation Lunchtime Series on The Impact of Brexit for Irish Universities, and at the UL Alumni Chapter Gathering in London on The Common Travel Area and Brexit

14-16 September 2017 - Dr Joachim Fischer and Dr Gisela Holfter, School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics, organised a conference on the theme Irish German Relations 2017: Between Böll and Brexit

6 September 2017 - Dr Owen Worth, Dept of Politics & Public Administration published The Revenge of the Millenials, an article translated for Le Monde Idées

June 2017 - Professor Raymond J Friel of the School of Law published in the Law Society Gazette on Lingua Franca pp.24-25

25 April 2017 - Dr Stephen Kinsella, Dept of Economics, spoke at the Limerick Chamber Brexit Lunch.

2017 - Professor Raymond J Friel of the School of Law wrote in the University of Limerick's UL Links magazine on Planning for Brexit

4 July 2016 - Dr Owen Worth, Dept of Politics & Public Administration wrote on Brexit: The road to God-knows where on the AHSS faculty blog

Disclaimer: UL authored Brexit publications are the opinions of the author and may not reflect the stance of the University.


Welcome to the UL Resource Guide for Brexit

An introduction by Professor Raymond J. Friel, School of Law, University of Limerick, Special Advisor to the President of the University of Limerick on European Policy with specific reference to Brexit.

Brexit will occur at 11pm on March 29, 2019. Officially known as the Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, Brexit represents if not the greatest challenge ever faced by Ireland, certainly one of the key defining moments in the life of our nation. By activating Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, the United Kingdom has given solid expression to the fact that the UK “has never totally felt at home in the European Union.” (UK Prime Minister Theresa May, Florence 2017)

On December 15, 2017, the EU ratified the joint EU-UK report on Phase 1 negotiations of the orderly withdrawal of the UK from the EU ( ), allowing progression to the more complicated Phase 2 negotiations.

At this stage we cannot be certain what the contours of any new potential relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union will look like following Phase 2. All we can be certain of is that it will never be the same again. Over the next couple of years there will be much speculation as to what the future holds for the UK, the EU and in particular Ireland. In the meantime we must navigate between the exceptionally close bonds that exist between these two islands and the fact that, unlike the UK, the EU does seem to be an integral part of our national story.

Going forward, we will, both as a nation and as a University, be faced with countless choices in charting that course. We can do this best if we make those choices on as wide a variety of facts, information and opinions as we can assemble. There is a danger that emotional gut reactions can too often distract us from an informed analysis. To that end, this LibGuide is part of the University’s contribution to providing the necessary resources on which to make informed decisions. It covers a vast array of sources representing all different viewpoints and analyses. It will be updated at regular intervals and includes special sections dealing with the impact of Brexit on the University sector in Ireland and also providing targeted information for Alumni of the University.


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This guide is based on work by Jim Church, University of California, Berkeley Libraries and emphasizes official government statements and publications along with responses from think tanks. Information was also used from Northwestern University.