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Brexit: Bibliography

This guide, compiled with Professor Raymond J Friel, School of Law, is part of the University's contribution to providing the necessary resources on which to make informed decisions as we as a nation and as a University chart a course through Brexit.

Brexit and UL

Fischer, Joachim (2018) Life after Brexit, RTÉ: Brainstorm, 5 Janurary 2018. 

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Worth, Owen (2017) The Revenge of the Millenials, an article translated for Le Monde Idées, 18 June 2017.

Disclaimer: UL authored Brexit publications are the opinions of the author and may not reflect the stance of the University.

Search Engines and Repositories

EU Repository of Think Tanks on EU Affairs. From the EU Council Libraries.

European Sources Online. Provides access to expertly selected EU sources.

EU Press Release Database. Good for up to date statements.

Think Tank Search Engine. From Harvard Kennedy School Library.

UK European Union Membership Referendum Web Archive.  From UCLA.

Hein Online. From the Boalt Law Library.

Policy File Access to policy papers and grey literature.

Common Travel Area References