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Research Data: Data Management Plans


Producing high-quality data sets requires data management throughout the research process. Planning research processes with Data Management Plans (DMPs) is a way to ensure the quality and consistency of data management. Writing DMPs is also a requirement more and more funders implement as a prerequisite for funding.

Data Management Plans

Data Management Plans (DMP) outline how data will be managed during the research data life cycle. While different funders have different templates and requirements for the content of DMPs, they usually contain information on:

Planning your data management with regard to these topics is a good idea even if you are not required to write a formal DMP. It helps you to keep your data organised and secure throughout your research and enables you to publish high quality datasets.

DMP Online Tool

DMP Online is a tool to create data management plans. The tool provides guidance for all criteria, has sample plans, and includes the DMP templates from most funding bodies. You can work collaboratively on plans with team members and you can invite the UL data steward (Armin Straube, for feedback.  Log in to DMP Online is possible with your UL credentials.

DMP Online

DMP templates

Templates from a range of  funders can be downloaded (or filled in online) at DMPOnline.

Below are some guidance notes and example wordings: