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BrowZine at UL : How to use BrowZine

Your personalised BrowZine account

When you have installed the BrowZine app, and have logged in to the service using your UL network ID (firstname.lastname for staff, UL Student ID number for students) go to settings in the app to create your personal BrowZine account.  After setting up a personal account you may be prompted to login with your UL Student / Staff ID and password.

By creating a BrowZine personal account you can use the following features: 

  • Find, read, save, email, and monitor the latest journal articles
  • Create a bookshelf of your favorite journals for easy, fast access
  • Save full-text articles to a personal library
  • Save article citations to Mendeley, EndNote or other bibliographic software
  • Share article citations via LinkedIn, e-mail, Twitter or Facebook
  • Export citations to EndNote, Zotero, Dropbox, or an app of your choice for pdf collecting and notetaking

    BrowZine is not designed for in-depth systematic searching.  Use PRIMO from the library or your discipline-specific database such as EBSCO for advanced subject searching where subject headings may be required. 

How to set up an alert for your favourite journals

How to use BrowZine

To browse journals, select "BrowZine Library" in the bottom menu of the app.  

To search by subject:

  • Choose a subject and a subcategory.
  • Select a journal title to view current issues.

To search by title:

  • Type a word from the journal in the box provided.
  • Choose from the list to view current issues.


To add items to "My Bookshelf":

  • Click "Add to My Bookshelf" when you are in a journal.
  • Drag the journal icon to the appropriate shelf.  Reorganise as necessary using the "Edit" option in the upper right-hand corner.


To access journal articles:

  • Click on the title of the article
  • Log in with your UL username and ID, if prompted

To save articles in the BrowZine app:

  • Click on the up arrow that appears on your screen when the article loads
  • To read later, click on "Save Article" and select the collection to store the article in


When you are viewing a PDF within BrowZine, use the export button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to view options for saving and sharing.

After clicking the export button, you will be presented with a menu of options.  [Note that the menu differs slightly between iOS and Android devices.]

  • Document Management
    • Email articles
    • Save articles to BrowZine
    • Open PDFs in programs on your mobile device such as: DropBox, GoogleDrive, OneNote, etc.
  • Bibliographic Management
    • Save PDFs and citations into Zotero, Mendeley or EndNote
  • Social
    • Share comments about the article on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

In the screenshots below, iOS is on the left and Android is on the right.






FAQs about BrowZine

Question: Does BrowZine cover journals in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, as well as engineering and the sciences?
Yes, all of UL's major research areas are represented in the library's journal collections, therefore appear in BrowZine. 

Question: Can I access all the UL-subscribed periodicals and electronic content via BrowZine?

No, you can access issues and articles of scholarly journals that UL has licenced, but newspapers, magazines and some other subscription types are not covered in BrowZine.

Question: What if there is a journal I want to add to My Bookshelf but I can't find it in BrowZine? 

If you can't find the journal in BrowZine, it means one of two things.

  1. We do not license the journal, which you can confirm by searching for that tile in the library catalogue. BrowZine does not allow you to add non-subscribed titles to your Bookshelf. 
  2. The journal may not be in the BrowZine database, but you can ask for it to be added. Once you confirm that the publisher is not on their list, go to the content requests page and submit the journal name and URL