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Research Repository: Submitting your Data

Published research data can be used to validate the research results, can contribute to new research, and can earn attribution and citations.

Choosing File Formats

The ideal file formats for data publications are:

  • open and non-proprietary,
  • well-documented,
  • widely used and
  • as simple as possible.

If a particular software or specific code is needed to open or understand data this should be explained in the documentation. Links to software and code (for example published on Github) should be provided if they are not widely known. Data can also be published in multiple formats to have for example a version with specific features in a proprietary format alongside an open format for preservation and ease of use in the future.

Recommendations on suitable formats are provided by the Library of Congress

Publishing data sets

Data sets usually need some textual explanation in order to be understandable for others. During upload you are asked to provide some description and should include all information that is needed to reproduce your results or reuse your data. A detailed upload guide for research data sets by Figshare can be found here.

It is also recommended to include a readme file alongside the data that contains all documentation needed to understand your data. A good guide to writing a readme file is provided by Cornell University here. Another template and an example provided by Carnegie Mellon University might be helpful as well.

Before publishing datasets, do make sure that personal identifiable information is removed and data is properly anonymized (if applicable).

It is recommended that you associate your published data set with your ORCID in the same way as other publications so that it becomes part of your recognised research output (Learn more about ORCID).

Who can use the Repository

Current University of Limerick faculty, staff, and research students will be able to create an account in the Research Repository. 

Logging In: Any current UL Faculty, staff and Research Students can deposit scholarly materials into the Research Repository using their UL staff email address and password. Log in by clicking the "Log in" link at the upper right corner on the  homepage. This will take you to your account page, called "My Data". Your account page will hold all items you deposit into the Research Repository. You can start a record, save it, and come back to edit it later, without publishing it.

If you are a research student who does not have a UL staff email address firstname.lastname @ then please contact us for further information.