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About ebooks at UL Library

The Glucksman Library took out a new university subscription to 179,000+ ebooks in April 2020. These ebooks are in addition to the 280,000 ebooks already in the library's collections. This comprehensive, multidisciplinary collection of ebooks will support the curriculum at UL and make it easier for students to interact with books no matter where they are or when they need the books. The collection includes titles from Routledge, Wiley Blackwell, Oxford University Press, Elsevier, Springer, SAGE and many other academic publishers. UL staff and students can now access these ebooks through UL Library Search or via the Ebook Central platform.

Queries about ordering ebooks to add to your module reading list should be sent to

If you can't access an ebook, notify the library immediately using the Ask Us service.

Use Ebook Central to search for an ebook

Direct link to search Ebook Central is

Common queries about ebooks

Some common questions we are asked about ebooks are: 

  1. Why do I have to join a queue to use an ebook?
    Some titles have limits on how many people can use them at the same time. If you can’t access a title you will probably see a message indicating that the book is in use and be invited to join a queue. When this happens, please alert the library by emailing We will try to source the ebook from an alternative provided but often times it is the only way that the library has of providing you with this ebook. 
  2. Can I print off an ebook?
    Ebooks are designed to be used online and in most cases you can view the whole book online and read an electronic copy of it. As for printing, copyright law dictates that you should only print 1 chapter or 10% of the book. Ebook publishers prevent you from printing more than you are allowed to by applying what's called Digital Rights Management (DRM) to the ebooks.
  3. Does UL library have ebooks I can read on my Kindle? 
    There is no way to get our library ebooks onto a Kindle device, unless the PDFs are downloadable with no restrictions.

How to find an ebook on UL Library catalogue

Visit to begin searching UL Library catalogue

About ebooks at UL