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Finding and Using Information: Take 1 Step Digital Skills Workshops

Benefit of Attending Take 1 Step Digital Skills Workshops

Feel empowered with new skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed at your academic work, while enriching your digital life.

making great posters using free software

How to spot fake news- tips on critically evaluating Info Sources

How to be seen by mastering the meme

 The website Daily Infographic explains the history of Memes and how they become viral

Smart Searching for Information

In this short video learn about the 5 As  process of Information Fluency which leads to smarter searching.

Notetaking in a Digital World

In this short video learn about the benefits of using Cornell Method of Note-taking.

Working Securely online - protecting your digital identity

Setting up an FYP Library for your referencing

An Introduction to Graphic Design

Here are some useful Graphic Design resources as recommended by Allaboard Digital skills in Higher ED online programme.

Learn the foundations of Graphic design

Design Tips from Canva


Building Your Research Profile