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Research Services: Choosing Your Journal

The Glucksman Library's guide to assist researchers with all aspects of the research process from finding information to maximising impact.


The scope of the journal is probably the most important consideration when you are trying to decide on which journal to target for your journal article. It is obviously very important to choose a journal that is interested in the type of research that the you wish to publish.

Other considerations include the members of the editorial board, the peer-review system the journal operates and the average waiting time from submission to publication.

You should also consult with colleagues and investigate what journals your peers are publishing in, before selecting a journal to submit your article to.

Impact factor metrics are a useful guide to help authors to select high impact journals in their field (see for more information).

Tools to Help You Select a Suitable Journal for Your Manuscript

There are a number of different online tools that will suggest possible journals to submit an article to based on the abstract, title and/or keywords.

The analyse results tools in Scopus and Web of Science can also be used to find appropriate journals for your article (see the tutorials in the boxes below for detailed methodologies).

These tools can be useful but you will still need to check out the journal's scope and ranking(s) yourself before you submit your manuscript.

Screenshot of Match tool in EndNote Online

Finding suitable journals using Scopus "analyse search results" tool

This tutorial will show you how to use Scopus to analyse search results to find relevant journals and then compare journals by SJR, SNIP and other metrics.

Finding suitable journals using Web of Science "analyse results" tool

This tutorial will show you how to use Web of Science to find journals that may be suitable to submit your article to.