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Economics: Journals & Databases

Finding an article on a reading list

Try this first:

You can look up articles in Library Search, our resource discovery service.

Put the exact title of the article in inverted commas.

If we can provide an instant link you will see the journal article displayed - click Online Access or Fulltext available online to access the text.


Next steps:

If we cannot provide a quick article link or it fails, then search for the name of the whole Journal instead of the article title e.g. "Journal of Common Market Studies"

For print-only journals you will be shown the location and shelfmark, so that you can locate the volume on the shelf

For electronic journals, click to link to the full journal and then navigate to the year, volume and issue that you want to see your article: or there may be an option to search for the article title provided by the online journal portal in which case key in the article in that box.



Scholarly journals have articles written by researchers who are considered experts in a field. These journals are also known as "peer-reviewed," "refereed" or "academic" journals.  Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is a scholarly journal.

Popular magazines have articles written by writers or journalists. Time or Newsweek are examples of popular journals.

Your reading list may contain many journal articles. These will mainly be available electronically but some may be available in print as well, or occasionally in print only.

General Business and Management Databases

Listed below are several databases which cover all aspects of Business and Management.  Remember  when conducting a search to use more than just one database.

How to search for a journal article on your reading list

Key Databases for Economics

Library databases are electronic catalogs or indices, contain information about published items, and are searchable.

Starting an Assignment/ Project/ Research Topic

Okay, so your first assignment is due shortly and not sure how to start it?

The purpose of this guide is to make you aware of the range of  available print and online resources  at  your disposal. The following list  below will assist you in completing it by the deadline.

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Dissertations databases

As part of the Literature Review it's worth checking to see if any  graduate dissertations on your research topic have been submitted to UK and Irish universities for examinership. Dissertation Abstracts is an international database which will only provide abstracts and not full text.

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Martin Wolf is the Economics Editor of the Financial Times newspaper

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