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First Year Experience: Finding Your Feet & Making the Transition

Orientation Week & The First 7 Weeks

Books on Starting University

Here are two books that we recommend you read as you ease your way into 1st Year University

Cracking the College Code is the ‘must have’ essential guide for all students, parents and guardians embarking on a journey into third level. Written in straightforward language, key topics include: making informed choices, preparing for change, getting to know how the third level system works, what students face in the first weeks and months at college, where and when to look for help, the challenges of living at home or away.

The Ultimate Study Skills Handbook covers all the core skills you will need to help you make the most of your university course. This is the handbook of techniques, tips and exercises. Written by a team of experts and tested on students, the advice in this book will help you to improve your grades, save time and develop the skills that will make you stand out to prospective employers. Whichever subject you are studying, this practical and concise book will help you find your individual learning style and tell you exactly what you need to know to excel as a student:

 Working out the best way for you to learn  Doing your research  Presentations  Revising for exams  Improving your critical thinking skills  Managing your time 

You can find copies of these books in our Popular Reading Section in the Popular Reading Room on the Ground Floor of the library.


Peer Advisors

Here are our Peer Advisors for the coming term. Peer Advisors are current students at UL so they know where everything is. They are there to support all new students to make the transition into university easier. They will be positioned in the foyer of the library so be sure to ask them any questions you may have.

First Seven Weeks

The First Seven Weeks  is an initiative at the University of Limerick designed to provide strong, enhanced and targeted support to students during the very early weeks of their time as UL students. Recognising that successful early adjustment is linked to subsequent success, we provide a range of information, target our resources, and interact with our new students in ways that make them know we care about them and are interested in their successful adjustment.

Articles About Starting University