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First Year Experience: Welcome

Finding Books in the Library

The books & other material in the library are organised by subject according to the Dewey Decimal System. Dewey is arranged into ten disciplines or subjects, ranging from 000 to 999.

Each item is assigned a number, also known as a shelf mark.

This shelf mark tells you two things: the subject matter of the book and its place on the shelf. 

Numbers following a decimal point reflect a particular topic in that discipline or subject. 

That means that the books next-to and close-by the book you want are related, and probably contain similar information to what you need. 

Shelf Marks

001-003 Knowledge, The book, Sys

004-006 Computer Science /IT

500 Science

510 Mathematics

530 Physics

540 Chemistry

570 Biology

610 Medicine & Health

610.73 Nursing & Midwifery

612 Biomechanics / Human Physiology

613 Personal Health & Safety

613.7 Physical Fitness

615 Pharmacology & Therapeutics

616.855 Speech Therapy

618 Obstetrics & Gynaecology

620 Engineering

620.12 Wood Science

621 Mechanical Engineering

624 Civil Engineering

629 Aeronautics

636 Equine Science

640 Home & Family Management

660 Chemical Engineering

664 Food Technology

671 Metal Technology

680 Manufacturing

690 Construction

796 Sports Science

010-090 Information & Journalism

100 Philosophy

150 Psychology

200 Religion

300 Social Sciences

310 Statistics

320 Political Science

327 International Affairs

330 Economics

340 Law

350 Public Administration

360 Social Problems & Services

368 Insurance

370 Education

400 Language

650 Business

657 Accountancy

658 Management

700 Art

720 Architecture

780 Music

790 Recreational & Performing Arts

800 Literature

910 Geography

930 Archaeology

940 History

ebook central

Ebook Central

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Library Orientation

Welcome to Orientation. And welcome to my Libguide (that`s short for Library-Guide).

As the ‘First Year Librarian’, I am the contact for new UL students. You`ll probably see me, and the library`s team of student Peer Advisors when you visit the library.

Your lecturers want you to use scholarly sources in your assignments, and using Google won’t be enough to find them.

That`s where the library comes in – here you will have access to all the resources you need for your course. We have over 350,000 printed books in the building. The electronic library, which you can access from anywhere, contains 450,000 electronic books and 60,000 academic journals - you need to log into your Library Account to access online resources.

Take a look around this Libguide to get familiar with everything the library offers for new students.

I can help you find information on the library website and show you the quickest ways to find the books and articles you need to write good assignments. I run online workshops throughout the semester and you can get in touch if you need help. 

You can contact me by email.

Check out the Library`s Instagram @ULLibrary.

Best of luck!


Welcome to the Glucksman Library

Glucksman Library Academic Success Toolkit: Assignments

UL Glucksman Library Academic Success Toolkit: Assignments

Completing written assignments can be daunting, especially if you are new to higher education, or returning after some time. We are delighted to announce that the brand new Glucksman Library Academic Success Toolkit: Assignments is now available in UL’s new Brightspace virtual learning environment (VLE). The Assignment Toolkit is an online module designed to guide you through each stage of preparing a written assignment. It’s not just a guide but a comprehensive package, with lots of interactive and user-friendly resources.

The Assignment Toolkit contains the following units to reflect the typical stages of preparing an assignment:

1.      📅 Getting Started – Dive in without the overwhelm

2.      📚 Identifying Information Sources – Know where to look

3.      🔍Using Search Tools – Optimise your research process

4.      ❔ Evaluating Information – Sort the fact from the fiction

5.      📑 Referencing and Avoiding Plagiarism – Maintain your academic integrity

6.      ✍Writing Assignments – Write with confidence


Accessing the Assignment Toolkit is easy. You can find it using Discover in Brightspace. Work through the Toolkit from start to finish or skip to any of the sections you need most.

If you have any questions or need help accessing or using the Toolkit, email


Ailish Larkin
Librarian for Student Engagement & Success
+353 61 20 2138
Room No: GL0-018

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