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Open Access Publishing: BMJ

The Glucksman Library's guide to assist researchers to publish their work Open Access

BMJ OA publishing deal

This agreement as part of the IReL consortium, covers the period of the 1st of January 2021 - 31st of December 2023. It  will allow all accepted articles In 27 journals in the BMJ Standard collection, from current UL staff or students to be made open access immediately upon publication.

NOTE: 2024, we are waiting for a new contract to be signed. 

Journals Covered

The agreement covers 28 journals in the BMJ Standard collection. 11 journals must use the CC-BY-NC licence for OA publication unless CC-BY is specifically mandated by funders. 

A full list of journals covered is available here. Journals highlighted in yellow must use the CC-BY-NC licence for OA publication unless CC-BY is specifically mandated by funders. 

What journals are covered

Approximately 10,000 journals are covered by IReL agreements.  IReL have created a google doc that is updated regularly with all the journal titles covered by this agreement

Columns G and H of the linked spreadsheet will also give an indication if a fund is due to run out before the year end and the projected date it will run out. 

Author Information

To avail of the agreement:

  • You must be the corresponding author* of the article.
  • Articles eligible for funded publication: 
  • original research articles (original articles reporting on primary research) in our Transformative Journals (Standard collection)
  • You must be a current staff member or student of an eligible institution at the time your article is accepted for publication.
  • You must clearly state your primary affiliation in the published manuscript.
  • You will need to verify your eligibility at submission using your Ringgold ID/ institution domain. Find out more about Ringgold IDs and why they are important.
  • All open access articles will be published allowing reuse under a CC-BY-NC licence, or CC-BY in selected journals.


More information on the process is available from the BMJ Author Hub

Author affiliations

Corresponding authors must be a current staff member or student of UL.  

In the article submission process you must correctly identify your institution.

You should use your UL email address when submitting your article. 

If your manuscript is accepted for publication, the publisher will give you the opportunity to make your article Open Access and apply a Creative Commons license. The publisher will then contact the participating institution to confirm your eligibility under the agreement.