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The Glucksman Library's guide to assist researchers to publish their work Open Access

Why Open Access?

Funder Requirements


All major Irish and European funders require some form of Open Access to research outputs that have been funded by the research grants.

Listed are some of the leading Irish funder's Open Access policies...

And some major European funders…

All funder's Open Access policies can be queried using the "Sherpa/Juliet" service. 

Introduction to Open Access

Bring your Research into the OPEN 

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Open access (OA) is an international movement to make research publications freely available in order to stimulate further research. Any person who can connect to the Internet can access OA material freely. 

By making your work Open Access you maximise the impact of your work as the potential readership is far greater than that for publications where the full-text is restricted to subscribers only.

Open access publications go through the same peer review process as non-open access publications. Open access does not interfere with a decision to exploit results commercially, e.g. through patenting.

The principles driving the Open Access Policy statement are that the outputs from publicly-funded research should be publicly available to researchers and to potential users in education, business, charitable and public sectors, and to the general public.                                   

Benefits of open Access

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