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Sustainability Literacy: Home

A guide to help UL students and researchers develop critical thinking skills and identify scholarly resources in specific areas of sustainability

Sustainability Resources at UL Library

UL's library collections contain scholarly material that support sustainability research, including many thousands of ebooks and peer-reviewed journals. Before using any of this content in your work, you need to evaluate it. For example, an article might be unsuitable due to its age if you have been asked to comment on contemporary manufacturing processes, or the regulation that you are citing might only apply in an EU jurisdiction when you've been asked to give a global perspective.

In addition to highlighting library resources you can use in sustainability research, this guide will help you and your students to 

  • Distinguish between good and bad information sources
  • Become adept at digital information evaluation 
  • Learn and apply the CRAAP Test to identify good quality information
  • Develop lifelong skills in evaluating information.

This guide will provide links to reliable scholarly resources and will challenge you to think about whether or not what you are viewing online is credible for use in your academic work. 

Explore UL's collection of sustainability ebooks on the library catalogue and be sure to cite/reference all sources used in your academic work.

UL focuses on Sustainability

Sustainable Development video from Columbia University

Sustainability Research at UL

The staff listed here are involved in sustainability research. This is not an exhaustive list of contacts, many others are actively researching and working in sustainability but rather than listing everyone here and making a very long list, we've just included a few people we've collaborated with in creating this guide. We thank them for their guidance and support and welcome enquiries about how to improve this guide as it becomes a learning and teaching resource for all at UL.

Dr. Audrey O'Grady is a lecturer in Biology and Science Education at the University of Limerick. Her research interests are in the area of Ecology.

Dr. Yvonne Ryan is a lecturer in Sustainability and Climate Change at the University of Limerick. Yvonne's research is in the area of environmental assessment, environmental management and policy. 

Prof. Colin Fitzpatrick is a lecturer in the Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering at the University of Limerick. Colin's research interests cover a range of topics in the areas of technology and sustainability. 

Dr. Ronan Courtney is a senior lecturer in Environmental Biology at the University of Limerick. Ronan's research interests include ecological applications for the restoration of industrial and degraded land, passive treatment of wastewaters, resource recovery and reuse. 

Prof. Ken Byrne is a lecturer in Agriculture in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Limerick. Ken's primary research focus is the terrestrial carbon cycle. 

Support with research

Dr. Micheál O hAodha is a Librarian at the University of Limerick, with 15+ years experience supporting teaching and research in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Micheál can assist students with literature searching, resource appraisal and sources for theses and projects. Contact Micheál by email to make an appointment.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals