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Inter-Library Loans: First time sending a request

Borrowing items from other libraries

Before we begin

  • There may also be an open access version of your item available.


How to make an Inter-Library Loan request

  • Applications for inter-library loans(ILL) are made online please click here and log in with your UL email address and password.
  • First time users, please log in with UL email and password also, (postgraduates and research postgraduates must use their student id email address ( as their username), you will then be asked to fill in your details, please use your UL email address when asked for it on this form.

Complete your search

When requesting an ILL item:

  • Choose type of request
    • Book, Book Chapter or a Journal Article
  • Enter title
  • Enter author
  • Insert publication year - this means the year the item was published
  • Insert page numbers e.g. 1-10
  • Agree to copyright rules
  • Submit your request


You will receive an email as confirmation of request

If you are requesting a Thesis please contact for additional assistance.

What happens after you make the request

  • Books received through the ILL service can be collected from and returned to the Library Information Desk.
  • All users will receive an email to confirm if we have successfully/unsuccessfully sourced your request.
  • Items should be collected as soon as possible after notification is received.
  • Items requested from another library are usually available between 1 day to 7 days of ordering depending on your request.
  • Journal articles, book chapters and individual conference papers will usually be supplied direct to your UL email address and are yours to keep.
  • Items borrowed (mainly books or theses) have loan periods set by the lending library and in some cases may be supplied for use in the library only.  We must adhere to any regulations governing the loan of the item.  Most libraries will lend their stock for 3 weeks unless it is in heavy demand in their own institution.  If you require a copy of a work in use in a module you are teaching, please contact the Reading List Service via email

How long does it take to receive my request?

Items requested from another library are usually available between 1 day and 7 days depending on the type of request.

Who can request and number of requests allowed

  • Academic UL staff
    • No set quota
  • Registered UL postgraduate students
    • Taught Postgraduates = 5 per academic Year
    • Research Postgraduates = 12 per academic Year
  • Final year undergraduate students
    • 3 in preparation for Final Year Project


  • All registered UL staff and students can place an Inter-Library Loan request (Book Chapter or a Journal Article) from the Library Search i.e. if the item is not held in our collection or the record states the item is 'not available'.

Still not sure what to do?

Email Inter-Library Loans (ILL) at