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Every Seat Counts: Introduction

Details and information for students regarding the Every Seat Counts campaign.


The Every Seat Counts campaign is run every semester to ensure the fair use of library seating up to and including exam time.

Belongings left on desks for over 45 minutes will be removed.


Group Study Rooms

Reserve a Group Study Room at the link below. Please ensure to follow the Terms and Conditions as laid out on our website.

Please remember that Group Study rooms, and the collaborative booths on Floor One, are for a minimum of two people and are not for single use.

There is no food permitted in the study rooms.

Any loud, disruptive noise or misuse of study rooms can result in a request to leave the library.

What is Every Seat Counts?

Every Seat Counts

The Library runs "Every Seat Counts" during the winter and spring semester to make sure all seats and Group Study Rooms are used fairly. This campaign prevents the reservation of seats if a student has no intention of being in the library until later in the day. 

As assignments deadlines and exams build up for students after Week 9, the demand for seats in the library is high. 

Our Every Seat Counts patrols monitor the library building to ensure the fair use of seats, and that desks are not left empty or unoccupied for longer than 45 minutes. 

In the Library

Six students of mixed gender working at a desk with a computer and screen.
Two male students sitting in chairs work together
Six students of mixed gender working in a Group Study Room
Students working in the library at individual desks

Every Seat Counts Slip

Reserving seats is not permitted in the library during exams. If you have reserved a desk, or left your belongings for longer than 45 minutes, you will receive a slip at your seat like the one below:

If you have not returned, your items will be boxed up and removed to make space for another student.

If Your Items Have Moved

If you have not returned within the 45 minute window, your desk will be cleared. 

Your items will be boxed together and left near your seat.

Personal belongings left unattended at library desks are the responsibility of their owner at all times and the library takes no responsibility for this material.

The Library assumes no responsibility and shall have no liability for any claims of damages that result from the removal of personal belongings during desk clearing.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments about our Every Seat Counts program, please email us at

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