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Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics: Introduction

Welcome to the Glucksman Library guide supporting The School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences


This is an introductory guide to help you find key, academic resources while studying Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics. 

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Contact me to discuss an assignment, research project, or Literature Review.  Simply email me to arrange a suitable time.

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Classification Guide to Books in Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics

Classification Guide to Books in Modern languages and Applied Linguistics
Reseach methodologies 001.4
Books, publishing, ideas, ideologies 020-174
Modern Western Philosophy, Idealism, Critical theory 140-193
Statistical methods for content analysis, Nvivo, Spss, Pasw 300.285
Research Methodologies, surveying and data 300.72
Critical Sociological Theory 301
Semiotics, information design, social media, visible culture, mass communications 302.2+
Ethnicities, migration, Cultural transfers, language diasporas 303.4+
Orientalism, Comopolitanism 303.6
Gender, Social and Ethnic Groups, Queer studies, 305+
Cultures in conflict 304.82
Cultural studies by region; mobility, cosmopolitanism 306
Sociolinguistics, pragmatics, language policy and planning 306.44
Sociology of arts, culture, leisure, sexuality 306.47+
Ethnographic research; virtual ethnography 306.72; 306.46
Utopian and intentional communities 307; 321.07
European Studies 320.3094
Rights; Slavery 323.3; 326
Politics and Society, French, German, Spanish, Japanese 306.9+
Education, language teaching and learning, classroom discourse; Adult learning; Curriculum 370.1523; 374; 375
Language, world languages, language history 400; 420.9
Discourse analysis, Semantics, Psycholinguistics 401
First Language, language development and bi or multilingualism 401.93; 404
Language teaching techniques 407
Pragmatics, language use; corpus and computational linguistics 410; 420.7
Writing language, grammar, syntax, punctuation 411; 412; 425
Lexicography, dictionaries, morphology, vocabulary 413; 415; 423; 419
Corpus linguistics 420.285
Second Language Studies 418.00+
Phonetics, spoken word 414+
Dialects and language ecology 417; 427
Applied linguistics 418
Computer aided language learning - CALL 418.002
Teaching Second language; Developing teaching materials 418.007
Translation, Interpretation, theory, practice and machine 418.02
Reading, visible language 418.40; 428.4
World English, discourse; spoken English 420 - 421
TESOL teaching methods 428.0071
German Language 430-438
French Language 440-449
Spanish Language 460-469
Gaeilge (Irish) and Celtic languages, including policy issues 491.62
Japanese Language 495.611
Film Studies 791+
Performance Studies; Theatre 792+
Literature 800
Literary theory; Literary Genres; Comparative Literature 801; 809
Style Manuals 808+
Critical history of literature; Literary theory and criticism 820.9
Literature in English, including international authors 820+
Poetry in English 821+
Drama in English 822+
Novels and short stories in English 823
Prose in English 828
Literature in German and translations 830+
Literature in French and translations 840+
Literature in Spanish and translations 860
Literature in Japanese and translations 891
Literature of Middle East and translations 892.7
Travel writing, memoir, heritage landscapes 910.4; 910.9
Family and life writing 920
History 940
History Ireland; England 941; 942
History Germany 943
History France 944
Hisory Spain 946
History  Middle East 955
History Africa 960