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Law: Introduction

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Classification Guide to Books in Legal Studies


Classification Guide to Law
Subject Law Class Number Subject Law Class Number
Ethics 170+ Private law, Equity 346
Canon Law 262.9 Family law 346.1
Sociological Research Methods 300.72 Contract, Liability, Torts 346.2
Jurisprudence, Legal Research Skills 340, 340.7 Property, Conveyancing 346.4
Legal History 340.9 Equity, Trusts, Succession 346.5
International Law, Law of International Institutions 341, 341.2 Company law 346.6
Human Rights, Peacekeeping, International Criminal Tribunals 341.4, 341.5, 341.6 Commercial law, Sale of Goods 346.7
International Competition Law, Antitrust 341.7 Insurance Law, Intellectual Property, Banking, Investment Law 346.8
Public, Constitutional,  Administrative Law 342 Civil Procedure and the Courts 347
Irish Constitutional Law 342.23 Judges, Judicial Review 347.1
Conflict of Laws 342.42 Litigation 347.5
Administrative law, Civil Liberties 342.42, 342.8 Mediation, Arbitration 347.9
Local Government Law 342.9 Legislation, Law Making 348
Tax, Trade, Offenses against the State 343 Laws of Specific Jurisdictions 349+
Competition law - Antitrust 343.07    
International Financial Law 343.3 Subject Criminology Class Number
Construction Law 343.4 Sociology of Policing 363.2
Customs and Tax Law 343.5 Crime and Criminology Research Skills 364, 364.072
IT and Media Law 343.9 Gangs, Organised Crime 364.1
Labour, Social and Education law 344 Political Criminology, Corruption 364.12
Employment Law, Social Welfare Law 344.1, 344.2 Police Corruption 364.13
Medical, Nursing, Mental Health, Occupational Safety 344.4 Genocide, War, Rape Crimes 364.15
Police law 344.5 Fraud 364.16
Sports Law 344.9 Delinquency, Juvenile, Gender Crime 364.2, 364.3
Criminal law and Court practice 345, 345.1 Crime Prevention 364.4
Property, Hate, White Collar Crime 345.2 Restorative Justice, Rehabilitation 364.6, 364.8
Juvenile Crime, Criminal Responsibility 345.3, 345.4 Penal and Related Institutions 365
Evidence, Testimony, Forensics 345.6 Statistics 519
Sentencing and Punishment 345.7 Legal Writing, Writing skills 808.06634, 808.809