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Collection Development & Management Policies: Welcome


The primary goal of collection development and management is to ensure that the information resource needs of the faculty, students and staff at the University of Limerick are met.  Formats may be print or electronic, with an number of resources now available in electronic format and accessible to university faculty, students and staff anywhere with internet access.

The needs of the university are met by the general collection and by the reference collection.  As a university library, within the constraints of budget, space, equipment, availability of materials, and bibliographic access, selection decisions are made to offer as deep and broad a collection as possible in all formats, while adhering to the general Glucksman Library Collection Development and Management Policy 2019. 

In addition to the library's general collection, the Special Collections Dept., managed by Ken Bergin, houses antiquarian book collections, print, philatelic and numismatics collections and, over 30 archival collections, as well as the National Dance Archive of Ireland.



Selection Responsibility

Anyone, including students, may recommend materials for selection.  To request the Glucksman library to consider a book for purchase, you can contact your faculty librarian or departmental representative.

However, the primary responsibility for selection, rests with the teaching faculty and librarians.  Collection management in the Glucksman Library is heavily dependent upon a liaison system in which the librarians work closely with representatives of the academic departments to determine how the library can best support the curriculum and research needs of the departments.  Faculty members are encouraged to recommend materials that serve to support the courses they teach and supplement the general library collections appropriate to their disciplines and specialties.

The librarians select information resources for specific departments or modules with which they have liaison responsibilities.  Funds available for collection development are allocated to address our customers' needs and are spent in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Faculty Librarian Contact / Departments

Librarian Learning & Engagement, Kemmy Business School:

Accounting & Finance
Management & Marketing
Work and Employment Studies

Librarian, Health Research Methods:

School of Allied Health
School of Education
Nursing & Midwifery
Physical Education and Sports Sciences

Librarian, Learning and Engagement, Science and Engineering: mícheá 

Computer Science & Information Systems
Electronic & Computer Engineering
School of Engineering
School of Design
School of Natural Sciences
Mathematics & Statistics

Librarian, Arts,
Humanities & Social Sciences Research Liaison

Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics
School of English, Irish, & Communication
Politics & Public Administration
Irish World Academy of Music & Dance


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