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What is Leganto?

Leganto is a VLE-integrated tool used to create reading lists and display the citations with direct links to the library's collections so that your students have ready access to necessary reading material on your module site.  You can add electronic articles from the library's collections, streaming media, digitized content, physical materials, print and ebooks into a single list so students can access all their course materials in one place. 

Many leading universities use Leganto and the benefits include 

  • curated lists of recommended readings are provided for each module
  • linking students directly to University-subscribed and owned material in the library's collections
  • fair and equal access to reading material for students on campus and studying remotely 
  • academic referencing is made easier through the provision of full bibliographic citations for reading material

Faculty are invited to build your own reading lists, update existing ones or contact the library to have us build your module reading list on your behalf. 

Leganto for online reading lists

Leganto is UL's online reading lists service, provided by the library

Reading lists can draw upon the thousands of academic journals in UL's subscriptions

Use the University's ebooks to connect your students directly to necessary reading material