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Reading Lists: Guide For Students

How to engage with your reading list

Accessing course materials couldn't be easier with Leganto! Your reading list allows you to access resources faster than searching the library catalogue or elsewhere - saving you time, and ensuring you are reading or watching exactly what your instructors want you to. 

Most of your modules on Brightspace will contain module reading lists with links to recommend readings and resources. These lists provide you with easy access to the resources you need to support your learning. You may find resources such as:

  • Textbooks 
  • eBooks
  • Research articles
  • Video content e.g. YouTube
  • Lecture notes
  • Sources from external webpages recommended by your lecturers

Most of your lecturers are using reading lists in Brightspace. If there is no reading list in your Brightspace module, ask your lecturer what you should read for the module.

This section provides an overview of reading lists, including:

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