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Reading Lists: 2. Adding Items to A Reading List

How to add items...

Building your Reading List will provide easy access to online resources including e-books, articles, and databases, safe and secure links to external web pages and embedded multimedia, access to the Library catalogue for print material, and scanned access-friendly extracts of prime texts.


You can choose to build your reading list in several ways:

Library Search

Adding resources from the library catalogue

1. Click the Plus icon.

2. Open Library Search from the sidebar

3. Type the name of a source into the search box 

Cite It!

Cite It!

Install the Cite it! plug-in to import information about an item from a website e.g. Amazon, Library Search, ScienceDirect, etc. with ease

  • Click on your name on the top right of the screen and select Cite it (as seen above)
  • Drag and drop the Cite it! button to your browser toolbar
  • Find a relevant item on your chosen website and click on Cite it! button in your browser toolbar
  • Add this to my collection pop-up appears containing the details of the item
  • Select the appropriate Type for your item from the drop-down menu
  • Click on the Collect button

Upload a File

Uploading your own resources. 


Upload a File and add it to your reading list with the option of adding a note to your students.

Notes can be used to highlight relevant sections in a source, provide guidance on when to consult the source e.g. before a lecture, or insert comments.


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