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Reading Lists: 1. Getting Started With Your Reading List

Where do I locate Leganto in Brightspace?

Leganto is automatically available in all Brightspace sites using the Default Module Template.

Access Leganto within Module Overview in the navigation sidebar.

We recommend accessing Leganto via Brightspace - but you can also log in using this link

If Leganto does not appear in your module site by default you can integrate the tool by following the 4 steps below.

Integrating Leganto

Step 1:

From your Module content page, Select Blue Button Add Existing to add a Reading list.

Step 1 - adding an existing tool in Brightpsace

Step 2:

Under the Question What would you like to Add?

Select External Tool Activity

Step 2 - selecting the external tool

Step 3:

In the Pop-up Box "Insert an External Learning Tool"

Select Leganto Reading List from the list of LTI Link options.

Step 3 - choose Leganto Reading List

Step 4:

Reading List now appears in Brightspace

Step 4 - Leganto is available

Quick steps to integrate Leganto into Brightspace

Step 1:

Select Blue Button Add Existing  to add a Reading list.

Step 2:

Under the Question What would you like to Add ?

Select External Tool Activity

Step 3:

In the Pop up  Box " Insert an External Learning Tool"

Select Leganto Reading List from the list of  LTI Link options.

Step 4:

Reading List now appears in Brightspace

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