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Reading Lists: 3. Reviewing and Publishing Your Reading List

Steps Before Making A Reading List Visible

Send Reading Lists to the Library for Processing

Once you've finished compiling a reading list, have tagged the Essential Readings, and indicated the material you want to Source for the Module, you can send it to the library staff for processing by clicking 'Library Review'.


Publish Reading Lists for Students / Create a Permalink / Follow a Reading List

Publish your Reading List Online to make it available for students.

A Permalink gives you the option to share your reading list with people. They must have a UL account in order for you to share a list with them. You can also download a list to share with a collaborator. 

You can also follow reading lists published by others for "all students". 


Managing Collaborators for a Reading List

Add your colleagues and fellow instructors as reading list collaborators to allow them to add and annotate citations. You can also add them as owners to your list, allowing them to manage collaborators as well. Lists can be downloaded in many formats, making it easy to share them online or offline.


Student Interaction with Reading Lists

Leganto encourages social interaction with course materials. Students can like items, post comments in the discussion thread, mark items as read, etc. As the reading list owner, you can moderate discussions. Students can update their profile including importing Facebook profile details. Users can also change their accessibility settings, updating font size, contrast mode, etc. to improve visiblity.



Leganto's notifications section alerts you to changes made to your reading list.

Dos and Don'ts

DO: Tell us if you need an article sourced, or chapter scanned for your reading list.

DON`T contravene copyright by scanning the material and uploading it to Leganto yourself.


DO: Notify the library immediately if there is an issue with your reading list.

DON`T wait and wonder - contact us, we can usually help you troubleshoot issues.


DO: Ask the library if an eBook can be sourced.

DON`T assume that every book is available as an eBook, many are but some are not.