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Media Production Labs: Greenscreen Lab

What is a Greenscreen used for?

What can I do there?

The greenscreen lab is the place to record video files and then add virtual backgrounds in afterwards, for example, did you know that weather reporters stand in front of a greenscreen and that the weather map is added in afterwards?! 

Please reserve the Greenscreen Lab in advance  - the space is open to the UL Community and can be booked for upto 2hours per day. 

Technical help is available, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm - contact staff in the Library Makerspace in GL1-035 or email 

How should I prepare for my session?

Here are a few things you can do before your reservation to make the best use of your time in the studio:

Post Production

For post-production editing, you can use the library Makerspace (GL1-035), open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm - please contact in advance to arrange use of a PC

Camtasia and other rendering softwares to finish projects are available on the PCs in the Library Makerspace, during Makerspace opening hours.

Getting started with Panopto

What is Panopto? 

Panopto, the leading video content management system for Higher Education, and is available to use for all UL staff and is integrated in Brightspace. Panopto is a cloud-based video platform that facilitates the recording, sharing, editing and management of video content (by staff and students). It is integrated with Brightspace and can be accessed from your computer, laptop or mobile device.  

Where can I find Panopto? 

Panopto can be launched directly from within Brightspace.  

  • Click Course Tools > Panopto.  

  • Alternatively when you are creating or editing any page, click the Insert Stuff icon, then Panopto to open Panopto.

Equipment available in the Greenscreen Lab

Greenscreen Lab has a retractable greenscreen, one fold down/portable desk, four seats, one small coffee table, one laptop table, and two ring lights. 

There is a TV monitor on a movable stand, complete with HDMI connections.

A tripod and other equipment can be borrowed from the Library Makerspace.

The room is fitted with CCTV for your security and safety.  Please do not remove anything from the room - report any damaged or missing equipment to staff in the library makerspace (GL1-035 / e: