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Organisation   Time & Date Registration
CILIP K&IM AI Seminar Series: The promise and the perils Jan 30 12-1pm Registration

Interactive Tools for Presentations and Teaching

Feb 22 10-1pm



Interactive Tools for Presentations and Teaching’ from 10 am - 1  pm on Thursday 22nd February 2024

Feb 22 10-1pm Registration
Phil Bradley

AI Tools for information professionals 

AI Prompt engineering and plug-ins 

AI Search engines

Feb 2 12-1pm

Feb 16 12-1pm

March 1 12-1pm




WHELF Learning and Teaching Group Teachmeet: Harnessing AI for innovative learning and teaching Mar 19 1-4pm Registration
Conul Open Publishing Future Directions and Collective Action  Feb 20 2-4am Registration
  Westminster Education Forum policy conference "Next Steps for AI in Education" Feb 29 Registration
UKSG UKSG Licensing Skills for Librarians online seminar
Feb 7 & 8 11-2pm Registration

A Gentle Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 

Using Generative AI for Qualitative Research

Large Language Models: AI Foundations and Applications in Python 

Jan 25 - 26

Feb 1 - 2

Feb 5 - 9




JISC AI ready library collections; the practicalities Feb 8 3-4:15pm Registration
UK Open Research Week 2024 Feb 26-March1 Registration

“Defining ‘AI’ in Teaching & Learning: the role of libraries in Access and Inclusion; Academic Integrity; and Artificial Intelligence”

March 1 9:30-4pm Registration
CILIP LIRG’s Research Methods Lunchtime Series: Online Interviews
March 1 12-1pm Registration