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Research Profiles: Scopus ID


Scopus is a database for scientific, technical, and medical information, with some limited AHSS content. It indexes over 23,000 journals from over 5,000 publishers, and approx 150,000 books and selected book series.

Scopus is one of the main sources of bibliometric data and is the data source for both the Times Higher Education and QS University rankings. 

Scopus Author Identifier

Elsevier automatically generates Author IDs to distinguish between authors with work indexed in Scopus. The Author profiles linked to Scopus IDs show:

  • all your publications indexed in Scopus
  • citation metrics using Scopus data

If you have several name variants or you have changed affiliation, your publications may be spread over a number of different author profiles and you will need to correct this so your author metrics are tracked correctly.

Check your profile regularly, to ensure your author details are correct and any relevant publications are correctly attributed to you. This is especially important if you have changed affiliation recently. You can update and edit your profile, and add UL as your current affiliation, via the Scopus Author Feedback Wizard.

Always double check that any changes you make are accurate and only make corrections to your own profile.

Scopus and ORCID

Your Scopus Profile and your ORCID account can easily be synchronised. When an ORCID is associated with a Scopus author profile, viewers can see the link to that ORCID on the Author details page. To associate your Scopus author profile with ORCID, you can either import your Scopus Author Identifier and publications into ORCID, or send your author details to ORCID. Both require the Scopus Author Feedback wizard.

Use the Scopus Author Feedback Wizard to collect all your Scopus records in one unique author profile. To locate your documents as completely as possible, please provide all the name variants under which you have published. Once you have submitted the author profile the Scopus Author Feedback Team will process your request within 4 weeks.

Adding publications to Scopus

Authors cannot upload their publications to their Author ID in Scopus. Only publications indexed by Scopus can be added. However if you have a publication that is in a journal indexed by Scopus but it is missing from your Profile you can have it added in by contacting the Scopus Team via the' Help' link.